What is Art Show ASAP?

Art Show ASAP is the platform for professionals & novices to plan and host a major Art Show.

If you are new to running an Art Show, check out our How To Start an Art Show Guide.

             Art Show ASAP makes it easy by providing a system and processes for:

  1. Art Show Executives to plan a Show - Setting Dates and defining Committee Roles.
  2. Curators to build their Artist List.
  3. Curators to issue invitations to Artists with logon details.
  4. Artists to accept Terms and Conditions of the Show.
  5. Artists to submit and upload their Artworks.
  6. Curators to review entered Artworks prior to finalised submission.
  7. Curators to assign Artworks to an exhibition layout in advance of the Delivery.
  8. Committee to receive the Artworks before the Show and handover to the hanging team.
  9. Guests to view an Online Catalogue and Artist Statements.
  10. Sales Team to sell Artworks during the Show.
  11. Committee to issue sold Artworks and receipt to Customers.
  12. Committee to return unsold Artworks after the Show.
  13. Art Show Executives to pay Artists for Artworks sold.

Art Show ASAP is suited to large and small Art Shows run by:
  • Businesses
  • Non-for-profit Charities / NGOs
  • Educational Institutions
  • Private Art Shows

Guiding Principles:
  • Web-enabled, Mobile-enabled, and Highly Available

    Get rid of those spreadsheets now!

  • Simple and Intuitive website that makes it easy for

    Volunteers to Set up and Artists to Enter

  • It's your Artshow and your data -

    We will never share or sell this data

  • Everyone hates SPAM -

    We'll never contact your team, artists or contacts
    in order to promote our platform or services.

  • Simple, honest, affordable pricing per Art Show

    - No Transaction Fees for Sales;
    - No User Account Fees for Artists
    - No Hidden Fees

If that sounds good to you, please enquire about our Ramp Up Program

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