How to Start an Art Show

Here are some general guidelines for setting up a new Art Show. Our advice is based on experience and many lessons learnt from being involved with successful Art Shows over several years.

Each Art Show is different, and so we don't wish to be too prescriptive. You might wish to pick out the pieces that fit with you and your Show. We hope you find it useful. If you have suggestions or wish to provide any feedback, we'd love to hear you... please drop us a line.

When starting out, it helps to think of an Art Show as going through the following four stages.:

  1. Planning - Working out where, when and how the Art Show is to take place.
  2. Onboard – Getting the word out to Artists, Customers and Curating the Artworks.
  3. Showtime – Receive Artworks, Hanging the Artworks, Hosting the Event, and Selling to Customers.
  4. Wrap Up – Dismantling the Show. Issuing Sold works to Customers, Returning unsold works to Artists, Paying the Artists and having a Wrap Up Meeting / Party for Volunteers.

In each of the four phases, we will consider the following:

  • Prerequisites for entering the phase.
  • Important Decisions and Tasks for completion during the phase.
  • Systems and Processes available in Art Show ASAP to streamline the above.

If this sounds okay with you, let us start with Planning »

Art Show Stages :