Get Ready for Showtime!

  1. Know the Artworks in advance to ensure they will fit in the space
    Any space will be limited by size and so it is essential to know the dimensions of Artwork to be sure sure that all submitted works will fit within the Venue.
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  2. Have a Detailed Hanging Plan
    A detailed plan for placement of Artworks will make for a far less stressful day for the persons responsible for hanging. Evitably some last minute changes will be required, but you should be able to have it 80% planned.
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  3. Get the Didactic Cards ready
    Didactic cards are placed next to the Artwork to to inform the customer of the work during the Art Show. The didactic provides important information related to the Artwork:
    • Catalogue Reference
    • Artist Name
    • Title
    • List Price
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  4. Print Name Badges
    Name Badges by required for:
    • Customers
    • Committee Members
    • Sponsors
    • Honoured Guests
    It is also a good idea for the Sales Team to wear a SALES Badge so that a potential buyer can easily find a person to make their purchase.
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  5. Set up an Entrance Tent or Desk
    If your Art Show is a ticketed event, you will want to provide an entrance where paying guests can be admitted and obtain their name badge.
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  6. Have an Artist Reference Book for Sales Team
    If your Artists have provided an Artist Statement, it is worthwhile having a printed copy that been referred to by the Sales Team. Potential buyers will be interested to know more about the Artist as well as any previous exhibitions and prizes
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  1. Receive Artworks from Artists
    As Artworks can be extremely valuable, it is recommended that you provide the Artist with a printed or emailed receipt
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  2. Hang Artworks per the Plan
    This is a great job for new volunteers. It works best for people to work in pairs. You may also want to consider getting some assistance from professional hanging services to hang the heaviest and most valuation Artworks.
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  3. Host Art Event
    The format is up to you. Wine and Cheese always goes down well at an Art Shows.
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  4. Sell Artworks to Customers and Collect Payment.
    Have a clear process to ensure that an Artwork is only sold once and that you have a record of who has purchased it. When an Artwork is sold it is customary to place a Red Dot on the Didactic Card to prevent further Sales. Mobile EFTPOS solutions are easy to organise and provide a convenient method of payment for the customer.
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