Time to get Onboard

  1. If Featuring an Artist, get talking now
    The Featured Artist has a special focus in a curated invitation Art Show. This Artist has the most work ahead in terms of preparing their works and will require as much advance notice as possible. The Curator needs to establish trust with the Artist that the Artwork will be presented in the best possible light.
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  2. Venue Floorplan
    Consider the space limits in terms of the number and size of Artworks.
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  3. More Detailed Event Budget
    Depending on the size of the Art Show, you may need to engage with external service providers such as:
    • Venue Hire
    • Wall Dividers and Plinthes
    • Venue Stylists and Decorators
    • Catering - W
    • Sound & Lighting Hire
    • Music and Entertainment
    • Hanging Artworks
    • Cleaning
    • Invitation Design
    • Invitation Print and Mail Out (This can be elimated if delivered by Email)
    • Catalogue(This can be elimated if delivered Online)
    • Website to display details and works as well as support ticket Sales
    • Marketing and Advertising
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  1. Issue Invitations to Artists. In, addition to describing the event to the Artist, the invitation should provide important information for the Artist to make a decision including:
    • Terms and Conditions of Entry (including Artwork Sale Commission Fees)
    • Delivery Date for Artwork
    • Art Show Exhibition Dates
    • Collection Day for unsold Artworks
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  2. Review Artworks that are proposed by the Artist. It may be necessary to discuss with Artists the suitability of the proposed Artwork for the audience. The best practice is to be upfront with the Artist and explain any causes for concern. More... »
  3. Select the Artworks for inclusion. Possibly the hardest and more important task for a Curator
    Obvious as this may be - if the objective of the Art Show is raise funds, deep consideration into what might sell is required. The style of work and price point that is well received will vary depending on the audience
    It's also best to avoid providing your customers with the Paradox of Choice. If a potential customer loves coastal beach scenes, they may find it easier to select from 2 paintings that 10 paintings. Sometimes less is more.
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  4. Plan Layout of Art Show With limited wall space, and a lot happening on Delivery Day, Curators should plan where the Artworks will be hung in advance. More... »
  5. Promote the Show and Sell Tickets Typically, the organisation that related to the Art Show will have established communication channels for promoting your event such as school newsletters. Get the word out as soon as the date is locked in so that people can reserve it on their calendar. Subsequent flyers and reminders are important for it not to fall off the radar.
    The following social media platforms can also assist get the word to the followers within your community.
    • Instagram is useful for sharing example images of Artworks that will included in the Event.
    • Facebook makes it easy to share detailed information about the event that can be easily shared.
    • Twitter for short updates and reminders
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  6. Prepare an Art Show Catalogue This be delivered in print, via email PDF or online database allowing potential customers to see the Artworks and associated prices in advance and during the event. More... »
  7. Prepare Detail Schedule for Artists Artists will need to know in advance:
    • Date and Time for Artwork Delivery. This may be staggered if the Event is large with multiple sections and categories. If hosting 3D works (e.g Sculptures) as well as 2D works (e.g Paintings), you may want to arrange for 3D to be delivered at a time after 2D. It is much easier to hang paintings when large objects are not in the way.
    • Date and Time for Artwork Collection. If the venue is required for another purpose soon after the Art Show, it is important for the unsold Artworks to be collected promptly. Artist need to know the available times for collection in advance.
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  8. Prepare Detail Schedule for Volunteers Volunteers can be be assigned tasks and times detailed roster outlining the activitiies before, during and immediately following the Art Show:
    • Venue Set Up.
    • Receiving of Art Works.
    • Hanging of 2D Art Works.
    • Display of 3D Art Works.
    • Set Up for Event.
    • Pre-event Cleaning.
    • Entrance Tent with Name Badges.
    • Set Up of Bar.
    • Raffle Ticket Sales.
    • Art Sales Representatives.
    • Art Sales Desk for Payment.
    • Sold Artwork Collection by Customers.
    • UnSold Artwork Collection by Artists.
    • Dismantle Set Up.
    • Post-Event Cleanup.
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  • Curators Issue Invitation to Artist with logon details to Artist Dashboard Artist can easily log on and indicate whether they accept the Invitation More... »
  • Artists accept Terms and Conditions of Entry via the Artist Dashboard Terms and Conditions must be accepted in order to complete the submission More... »
  • Artists provide other important information via the Artist Dashboard The Artist Dashboard ensures that all important information is captured about the Artist including:
    • Artist Statement and CV including exhibition history
    • ABN and Business Name
    • Statement of Supplier form if no ABN
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  • Artists upload Artworks via Artist Dashboard The Artist Dashboard ensures that all important information is captured about the Artwork including:
    • Title
    • Price
    • Materials
    • Substrate
    • Dimensions
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  • Curators review Artworks submitted by Artist and allocate to Rooms and Wall Panels xx More... »
  • Art Show Website Provides a central location for sharing all information related to the ArtShow including:
    • Showtimes
    • Delivery and Collection Dates
    • Ticket Sales
    • Online Catalogue
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  • Online Catalogue Display via a dedicated Art Show website the artworks as they are uploaded and assigned a unique catalogue number More... »

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